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GWT Widget Library

Monday, June 12, 2006


ANNOUNCE: GWT Widget Library 0.0.4

Download Version 0.0.4

New Packages:

This is a package for temporary classes meant to temporarily fix issues with GWT components. It is expected that these classes will be removed at some point with little warning.

New Classes:


Hi Robert!

I'm very interested in your project because of a development, in which we're using not only GWT also Widget Library.

Currently, I'm implementing a toolbar, and one of the first issues i've detected is about trying to change the URL (setURL) into the onClick of a ImageButton.

I've seen javadoc and your sources and, effectively, into PNGImage appears: "throw new RuntimeException("Not allowed to set url for a PNG image");" :-)

Into the toolbar, i want to simulate the "pushed effect", you know, changing the URL of the image for another in grey colors...

How can I do that?
Do you have planned to fix this issue in the next version or above?

Thanks for your work!
Hi Robert:

I tried to use your gwt-widget 0.0.4 with the latest release of GWT 1.1 and when I tried to compile, I get the following error message:

[ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/Users/mona/CorTechs/NeuroQuant/Appliance/src/viewer/lib/gwt-widgets-0.0.4.jar!/org/gwtwidgets/client/ui/'
[ERROR] Line 90: The return type is incompatible with FlowPanel.add(Widget)
[ERROR] Line 94: Cannot return a void result
I have down load this and how can use it my application. I think there should be a procedure written so that we can use this in our application
Dear Robert !

I have been using your GWT Widget Library for my project. I am just wondering:
1. How do you actually use Effect Options for effect's duration, etc
2. Which version of Scriptaculous and Prototype is being referred by the Effect class

Thanks a lot for your great work !
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