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GWT Widget Library

Sunday, June 04, 2006


ANNOUNCE: GWT Widget Library 0.0.3

What's New in GTW Widget Library 0.0.3

Download Version 0.0.3

This Color and BorderStyle classes, as well as several style setting methods in ImageButton are under consideration for removal. If you have an opion please comment on

I like the idea of this library. Have you considered turning your FileUploadField into a widget? Eg: one that will give me events of when the user has chosen to upload a file so that I can do things with that event?



Just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome library. Keep it up!

In my GWT app, I was planning on using PlotKit ( to draw some graphs. I found JS Graphics but they just didn't look snazzy enough. If you felt like including PlotKit you'd save me a bunch of work :)

I'm also implementing a plotting utility with GWT. If plotkit was put into the library. I would also be very happy. :)
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